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Your resource library to help answer questions and learn more about financial success.

Helpful Videos

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Socially Conscious Investing

Socially conscious investors are interested in creating financial portfolios that reflect their values. Watch this video to learn about ESG and how it can help you select your investments.

Power of Investing.png

The Power of Investing

Thinking about investing? Unsure whether it's a good option for you? Check out this video to learn why it's important to begin building your nest egg early in life.

The Power of a Trust.png

The Power of a Trust

Protect and control your assets after your lifetime with trusts. Watch this video to learn how trusts can help carry out your wishes.

Personal Financial Website Overview.png

Personal Financial Website Overview

Learn more about the features available on your personal financial website.


Achieve Your Dreams With a Financial Plan

Do you have a goal you want to accomplish? Buy a new car? Save for college? If so, you're more likely to be successful if you have a financial plan. Watch this short video to learn how a financial plan can help you achieve your dreams.

Other helpful topics

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We Visit Doctors to Maintain Our Physica

Setting Goals

Setting goals can be a tough task, but it is an important step toward securing your financial future.

Safe and Secure

Learn more about the security protocols in place on your Personal Financial Website that help ensure your personal information is safe and secure.

We Visit Doctors to Maintain Our Physical Health

As a doctor, a good way to appreciate planning your financial future is to see it as akin to maintaining your physical health. Read this article to learn how working with an advisor can help you reach your goals.


8 Point Year-end Financial Planning Checklist

The end of the year is a great time to make sure your financial plan is still on track. Review this checklist with your financial advisor to see where you are and what you should do.

ESG_Aligning Invst SocCauses.png

Environmental, Social and Governance: Aligning Investment Choices with Social Causes

If you're concerned with balancing financial return and social good, socially conscious investing provides the opportunity to support the causes you care about, while diversifying your investment portfolios. Read this article to learn more.

Simple Guidelines for Managing Debt.png

Simple Guidelines for Managing Debt

Debt can be useful in many situations, like when buying a house or a car. But it is not the way to pay for daily expenses. Read this article to understand sound approaches to managing debt.

Keep Your Homeowners Coverage Up To Date

How remote working can increase stress and reduce well-being

Remote working is becoming more popular than ever. A study released by the Swiss office provider IWG found that 70% of professionals work remotely at least one day a week, while 53% work remotely for at least half of the week. 

Keep Your Homeowners Coverage Up To Date

When you sign up for a homeowners or condominium owners insurance policy, you take the first step in protecting what may be one of your largest assets. It is important to be knowledgeable about the appropriate amount of coverage needed and the extent of the coverage provided by your insurance contract.

Remarkable Rise Of ESG Investing.png

Remarkable Rise Of ESG Investing

Responsible investing is widely understood as the integration of environmental, social and governance factors – hence the ESG acronym – into investment processes and decision-making. ESG factors cover a wide spectrum of issues that traditionally are not part of financial analysis, yet may have financial relevance for investors.


Get Started Checklist

Prepare yourself for our first meeting with this quick checklist.

2 Helpful Tax Strategies.png

2 Helpful Tax Strategies

If you're like most taxpayers, you have no clue about the most effective tax strategies for these financial vehicles - especially if you lack access to expensive accountants and attorneys. Here's some guidance.

Year-End Tax Planning Strategies.png

Year-End Tax Planning Strategies

Waiting until just before April 15 to start thinking about your taxes may prove to be a costly mistake. Preparing a draft of your tax return before the end of the year will provide you with a more complete picture of what you are likely to owe, and it may leave you with enough time to reduce your tax liability by contributing to tax-advantaged savings accounts or qualifying for deductions.


A Working Parent’s
Guide to the Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit

As working parents of young children know, paying for child care can take a big bite out of the family budget. The Federal government offers a number of tax breaks, including the Child and Dependent Care Credit, designed to ease the financial burdens of working families.


Will Your Home Office Pass the "Test"?

The Supreme Court has upheld the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) interpretation of the principal-place-of-business test in a decision that may have far-reaching tax implications. Here’s a little more in-depth information on the home office issue.


What is "Basis"?

Basis is the starting point for determining gain upon the disposition of any asset. In its simplest form, basis is an owner’s investment in the asset. 


The "Taxing Effects" of Selling Your Home

Because of the generous capital gains exclusion on selling a primary residence, you may find that you do not owe Federal taxes when it comes time to sell your home. But there are situations in which a seller may incur a tax liability, especially if the sale price is very high, if the house is sold soon after purchase, or if the owners are unmarried or are selling as the result of a divorce.


Taxing Issues for Divorcing Couples

Caught up in the emotional turmoil that usually accompanies divorce, it is easy to for estranged couples to overlook the serious financial issues that arise as they seek to divide up their assets and establish independent lives.


Tax Deductions for Donating Art

If you collect art, donating a painting, sculpture, or other object of fine art to a museum or a favorite charity can be a great way to share your passion with a wider audience, support your institution of choice, and get a break on your Federal income taxes.

Take Control of Your Financial World.png

Take Control of Your Financial World

Learn how you can use your Personal Financial Website to take control of your financial world.

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