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Q: How do I sign up?

A: Please contact Media Wealth and an investment advisor can help you get started. 

Q: What happens once I sign up?

A: You will receive confirmation from Charles Schwab that your accounts have been opened, funded and invested. You will also receive a welcome email from Media Wealth to set up your Personal Financial Website.

Q: How can I view my accounts?

A: You can view your accounts on the Charles Schwab website and on your Media Wealth Personal Financial Website. Both options are available from the Client Login dropdown menu on the homepage.   

Q: How do I transfer funds into or out of my account?

A:  You can transfer funds on the Charles Schwab website or through the mobile app by selecting “transfer” from the menu.

Q: Where are my investments held?

A: Investments are held at our custodian Charles Schwab and managed by Media Wealth. Schwab carries SIPC insurance as well as a secondary policy with Lloyd’s of London. Please visit Schwab’s website for more information about Account Protection.


Q: How are the investment funds selected?

A: The funds have been selected by our Investment Committee. Media Wealth utilizes  academic research supported by Nobel Laureates to provide broad asset class diversification and Smart Beta Tilts. Visit the Investing page for more information.

Q: Is Media Wealth a Fiduciary?

A: Yes, Media Wealth is an independently Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm, legally bound by the fiduciary standard. 

Q: How is Media Wealth compensated for its services?

A: Media Wealth earns a fee based on client assets under management, starting at 0.79% on the first $500,000. For a complete fee schedule and our breakpoints, visit our Fees page located in the About Us drop down menu.

Q: How do I pay Media Wealth?

A: On a quarterly basis, Media Wealth will automatically debit your account(s) for the fees earned. There is nothing you need to do, it's all automatic once you sign up. You will always be able to see all fees charged, transaction details, and trading activity.  This information is available through the Charles Schwab website and on your Personal Financial Website.

Q: What are the direct costs of the portfolio and investment funds?

A: The average annual expense of a Media Wealth ETF Portfolio is 0.11%, paid directly to the ETF providers and netted against the performance of the fund.

Q: What are the trading costs?

A: There are no trading fees associated with your accounts. Trading on ETFs is free at Charles Schwab.

Q: Where can I see my investment performance?

A: Performance data is available on your Personal Financial Website by clicking on the “*” (Orion) link at the top of the page.

Q: How do I change my asset allocation?

A:  If you would like to change your asset allocation, please contact your advisor or email us for assistance.

Q: How do I terminate my relationship with Media Wealth?

A:  If you would like to terminate your relationship with Media Wealth, please contact your advisor or email us for assistance.


If you have a question not covered in this FAQ or a technical issue, please contact us. Email inquiries will be routed to the appropriate team member.

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