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While planning is the core of what we do at Media Wealth, our clients rely on our investment strategies to accomplish their goals. We devote substantial resources to provide a world-class investment experience that is both innovative and cost effective. Our clients enjoy the flexibility of being able to choose between our default Values-Based “ESG” Portfolios (ESG = Environmental, Social, Governance) or our Global Market Portfolios without the ESG screens applied. Both portfolios combine the science of broad asset class diversification and Smart Beta Tilts.*

Either option is broadly diversified, low cost, and tax efficient and includes Bonds, Stocks and Real Estate. As our core/default portfolio allocations include the ESG screens, you will need to contact us if you are interested in using the non-ESG portfolio(s). 

*What are Smart Beta Tilts? Smart Beta is a blend of active and passive investing, which combines an index investing methodology but, also considers alternative factors in choosing or weighting the stocks from the index. At Media Wealth we use a rules-based, systematic approach that provides additional weighting ("tilts") to small, value and highly profitable companies.

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