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Our Process


Who are we?

Media Wealth is a Registered Investment Advisor that caters to the financial needs of Artists, Actors, Athletes and The Entertainment Community. We combine the power of advanced digital investing and financial planning tools with the support of highly trained financial advisors.​

Media Wealth will be able to answer important financial questions:

 Am I saving enough?

 Are my investments allocated properly to achieve the desired results?

 When can I afford to retire?

 How should I think about debt... When is it good or bad?

 And should I prioritize paying down debt or saving for retirement?


Our team of financial advisors has extensive tax, investment, and planning expertise. We develop holistic financial plans and investment strategies to help you achieve your desired life goals. And having broad experience working with clients in the arts and entertainment industries, we understand how you like to work, the service you expect and some of the challenges you face being “in the business.” 

Our goal is to make planning, investing and guidance more accessible to Artists, Actors and Entertainers and their professional management teams.

What do we offer?

Media Wealth offers a full range of investment and financial planning services that allows you to manage your entire financial life through our secure website. You will have your own customized dashboard where you can view all your financial accounts in one place, view your investment portfolio’s performance and monitor your financial plan’s success with real time dynamic data flowing into the plan. You will also have a secure “Vault” where all your sensitive documents are saved and can be easily shared with your management team. 

Financial Accounts include:




Credit Cards

Vault Documents include:


Property Deeds

 Copies of Passports

Wills and Trusts

Investment Account Types include:

Brokerage: Individual, Joint Tenant with Rights of Survivorship, Tenants in Common, Community
Property, Custodial

Revocable Living Trust: Single Trustee, Two Trustees

Retirement: Roth IRA, Traditional IRA, Rollover IRA, SEP IRA, Simple IRA

Through our online dashboard you will be able to track your cash flows, create budgets and establish goals. If you are falling short of your retirement goals, you will have the ability to modify your financial plans and use our calculators to help you model the impact of saving more, or delaying retirement.

Investment portfolio design

The first step to building a diversified investment portfolio is to complete our online questionnaire that will determine your financial goals, time horizon, and risk tolerance.

Upon presenting the recommended investment portfolio, you will have the opportunity to adjust your risk profile, speak with a Media Wealth advisor, and make changes to the recommended asset allocation. All portfolios are powered by data-driven algorithms that constantly monitor the portfolio’s performance and automatically rebalance to stay within the risk tolerance  parameters. And by leveraging a robust digital investment platform, we can offer reduced fees and improved long-term results.

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