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Proactive and thoughtful planning helps you make important decisions with confidence. We work closely with our clients to build a long-term plan and provide ongoing counsel on a variety of financial planning topics.

Cash Flow / Lifestyle Planning


Mortgages and Portfolio Loans


Major Life Transitions


Liquidity Events

Retirement / Financial Freedom



Our evidence-based approach to
investing seeks to optimize risk-adjusted after-tax returns. We provide access to a variety of private funds
and a
bespoke portfolio for clients interested in ESG or a values-based investment strategy.

Investment Education

Tax Efficient Management


Alternatives and Private Funds


Global Asset Allocation

Rebalancing and Loss Harvesting

Tax & Advanced Planning


We partner with your business manager and outside professionals
to provide legal advice, insurance, mortgages, and other specialized services. The result is a fully in
tegrated tax, investment, and planning experience.

Tax Planning and Compliance

Estate Planning


Real Estate


Risk Management and Insurance


Charitable Giving


While planning is the core of what we do at Media Wealth, our clients rely on our investment strategies to accomplish their goals. We devote substantial resources to provide a world-class investment experience that is both innovative and cost effective. Our core portfolios use low cost and tax efficient ETFs to invest in bonds, stocks, and public real estate (REITs). Qualified clients will also have access to alternative asset classes including private equity, private credit, and private real estate. Our clients enjoy the flexibility of being able to choose between our Traditional portfolio or a Values-Based “ESG” portfolio (ESG = Environmental, Social, Governance). Both portfolios combine the science of broad asset class diversification and Smart Beta Tilts.*

*What are Smart Beta Tilts? Smart Beta is a blend of active and passive investing, which combines an index investing methodology but, also considers alternative factors in choosing or weighting the stocks from the index. At Media Wealth we use a rules-based, systematic approach that provides additional weighting ("tilts") to small, value and highly profitable companies.


In the media world getting a big check is nice, but keeping more of it is awesome! Smart tax planning ensures that you have more dollars to spend or save towards your financial goals. 



Understanding the tax treatment of different account types and investments is important. Retirement accounts offer tax deferral and are best suited to hold investments with high rates of return or non-qualified dividends. Taxable brokerage accounts are best for capital gain-eligible stocks and tax-free municipal bonds. Our portfolios are designed to maximize after-tax returns by optimizing for asset location.


Our portfolios use ETFs to give you more control over the timing of your tax liabilities. Unlike traditional mutual funds which distribute capital gains (when other investors sell), ETFs allow you to defer capital gains and compound your returns. We also offer tax-free income by investing in municipal bonds.


Donating highly appreciated investments to a Donor Advised Fund provides a charitable income tax deduction and allows you to avoid capital gains tax on the sale of the investment.


Our investment strategy can generate tax credits during market declines to help reduce your tax liabilities.


Contributing pre-tax dollars to a retirement account allows you to compound your wealth at a higher rate and helps lower your tax bill. We can also consider contributing after-tax dollars to a Roth account for tax-free growth.

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